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Back Off

Eric Silver/Taylor Rhodes

Once upon a time I thought you were the one
Everything in all my dreams I thought my day had come
But you changed your mind a thousand times and left my heart so numb
Well that don’t fly anymore

Cuz you tell me you want me forever
Then you tell we can’t be together
Then call me a little change in the weather
Wanting back on well back off
It’s been too long on this roller coaster
I’m tired of this shaky boat
Don’t come back down this road wanting back on
Well back off

You promised me your love and then you say you’re scared
Off and on, right or wrong you were always sometimes there
You’ve got some screwed up ways of showing that you care
Well that don’t fly anymore


Well that don’t fly anymore
And I can’t try anymore


© Pickando Music/BOK Music/Rhodes World Music-3/1/05